Jeff Ratterman

Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist, has advanced degrees in recording and music theory from the University of Colorado and Miami University, and is a published recording arts college professor.

With a deep understanding of the recording process, he strives to create a studio environment rich in musical innovation and effective communication. Jeff can connect with musicians regardless of their level of formal training and believes that making a great record is all about getting it right at the source, in both the musical performance and with technology.

Hannah Copeland

Hannah directs communication for Redstone Sound. She works full time as the general manager and adviser of 90.5 KCSU, one of the largest college radio stations in the country located at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She also teaches courses about radio and audio production at CSU. Hannah holds bachelor of arts degrees in communication and business entrepreneurship from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Before moving to Colorado for work at CSU, Hannah worked as a National Public Radio arts reporter and announcer in Kansas City. Hannah digs rocking out on the drums, singing, and recording in a variety of musical styles.