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In photo: Gretsch Renown 7x10 Tom, Sennheiser MD 421, Schoeps CMC6


At Redstone Sound you relax into a comfortable environment, where you can allow your best performances to surface. Here, the essence and power of your record is captured. Effort spent getting your tracks right in this stage creates a recording that connects with your audience.


Mixing and Editing

In editing we combine the right takes, adjust fading and timing, and render pitch correction if necessary. The mixing stage adjusts levels of your best recorded tracks. The result is a song or piece that reflects your greatest performances as an artist.



Using broader brush strokes, the mix is balanced tonally and set to meet industry standards in preparation for distribution. We meet modern standards for both digital and vinyl. If you already have a mastering engineer, we work closely with them to ensure they have what they need to turn out the highest quality.



the spaces


The Tracking Room

Enough room for up to 5-6 people depending on your instrumentation. We use mobile diffusers and adjustable absorption to fine tune the room. Not overly reverberant and never dull, our studio is open and natural - a key part of the Redstone sound. Before you record, we will craft a mix so you can hear yourself with a clarity you may never have experienced before. The importance of hearing yourself and your bandmates cannot be overemphasized.


The Control Room

Redstone’s Control Room houses a Pro Tools recording software driven by Antelope and Harrison preamplifiers that draw richness and details into your recordings. We mix, route, and listen to your work through our 44-channel Allen and Heath console. We'll take care of all the technology, so all you have to do it shine as an artist.


The Green Room (pictures coming soon)

A smaller space, this room is ideal for a vocalist seeking a more intimate setting, but it is also well-suited to isolating amplifiers and other sources. The Green Room has a more compact and tighter sound.


studio photos